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Each Centralized Lubrication system is designed specifically for your application. Using common parts, the system is customized for your specific vehicle ensuring that all lubrication points are covered. Systems are available in both 12 and 24 volt and for various lubricants.

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Why Centralized Lubrication?

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Ease of Maintenance

Ends "crawling under" the vehicle to lubricate numerous grease points. No more manual lubrication.

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Cost Savings

Cost savings through reduced manpower requirements and less component replacement. Reduces downtime.

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Environmentally Friendly

Uses up to 70% less lubricant than manual lubrication.

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Reduces Wear and Tear

Drastically reduces wear and tear on highly-loaded components.

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Protects Bearings

Protects bearings with a grease collar, minimizing dirt entering the bearing.

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No Missed Lubrication Points

All lube points constantly lubricated, even the hardly accessible ones.

Our History

The company started as a proprietorship under the name of Joe Ahrens Special Services on May 1st 1973. The goal of this initial company was to provide Hampton Roads, Virginia expertise in Machine Tool Automation and Machine Tool Productivity improvements.

From the outset, the company was growing by word of mouth, and by an increasing number of European companies locating in Hampton Roads and subcontracting the company as support for start up. Stihl Incorporated, the chainsaw manufacturer, was the first account. The company was growing rapidly and to secure the future, it was incorporated in October 1976.

As the company grew different business segments were defined leading Joe Ahrens, Inc to split of into three companies: Joe Ahrens Inc. continued to consult, Newport Machine Tool Corp. provided machine tools, and Die Tool and Mold, Inc. performed contract manufacturing services.

In the spring of 1982 Joe Ahrens, Inc secured a distribution agreement from Willy Vogel AG, of Germany, a manufacturer of centralized lubrication systems and components. Vogel had no representation in North America and Joe Ahrens, Inc filled the gap. The sales of lubricating devices grew rapidly, driven first by the successful sales of wheel flange lubrication to the Class A railroads. During the first four years, sales of lubrication devices and systems grew from $50,000 to over $5,000,000.

Keep your fleet going strong

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Decades of industry experience

With our team of experienced technicians we keep you up and running day and night, even through the toughest jobs.

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Quality assurance

From dump trucks to emergency vehicles, our products ensure your equipment is ready to go, so you can worry about the important stuff.

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Trusted by the pros

Our track record speaks for itself. Trusted by industry leaders, we pride ourselves on providing quality components to our clients.

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